Monday, March 13, 2017

St. Michael's Requests Donations for Flooding Victims

(Photo: Washoe County Government)

Last year, we sang at Mass for the first time ever at St. Michael's in Stead. Now, the church is at the forefront of assisting those affected by ongoing flooding in Lemmon Valley, which could persist for weeks as the snow melts. If you want to help, St. Michael's has a way to do so. From their website:
Flooding from a series of storms in this record water‐year has caused significant problems for many Lemmon Valley residents. The hardest hit areas are adjacent to or near Swan Lake, but other locations are affected as well. Some have lost access to their homes, have had furniture and belongings destroyed, and lost livestock. 
Recent statements from Washoe County officials suggest that the recovery process will be months‐long, and conditions may worsen as additional storms and runoff add to the levels of standing water. 
Fr. Thomas Babu and Saint Michael Parish would like to reach out to those in need. We ask parishioners and friends of Saint Michael Church for donations that will be used to assist the Lemmon Valley residents in need. 
If you can donate, please do so with a check to “Saint Michael Church” and state the purpose of the check as “Priest’s Charity – Lemmon Valley” in the “For” section. Drop it off at the Parish, or mail to:  
St. Michael Catholic Church, 14075 Mt. Vida, Reno, NV 89506 
Please call the Parish office at 775‐972‐7462 if you need more information. Thank you and God Bless!  
I'm thinking mailing a check might be the better option, as Washoe County authorities are limiting access into the area by non-residents. (ETA: Tenor Karl Riglesberger, a St. Michael's parishioner, says getting to the church is just fine; it's out of the affected area.)

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