Monday, May 15, 2017

A Sacred Music Podcast

Not with Patrick Stewart, but with Fr. David Friel, courtesy of Corpus Christi Watershed.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

June 4: Pentecost

4 PM at the Cathedral. Pray we feel just a little of the air conditioning. Tongues of fire may not do us much good in the loft.

Introit: Spiritus Domini

KyrieGloriaAgnus DeiMissa Prima (Haller; mp3s)

Offertory: Confirma hocBreathe On Me, Breath of God

Sanctus: Mass VIII

Communio: Factus est repenteConfirma hoc, Deus (Aichinger; click the yellow midi icon)

Recessional: Come Holy Ghost (handout)

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 28: Ascension Thursday Sunday

8 AM at St. Peter Canisius. Bring your Green Book to rehearsals. Note too we are singing a Latin Offertory, not an English one. 😎

Introit: Viri Galilei

Kyrie: Green Book, #21 (Haller)

GloriaSanctusAgnus Dei: Mass I

Offertory: Ascendit DeusHail The Day That Sees Him Rise (SATB) (Adoremus)

Communio: Panis Angelicus (Palestrina)

Recessional: Alleluia! Sing To Jesus

Sunday, May 7, 2017

May 21: 6th Sunday of Easter

4 PM at the Cathedral. Here we go down the home stretch for this season!

Introit: Vocem jucunditatis

KyrieGloriaSanctusAgnus Dei: Mass VIII

Credo III

Offertory: Benedicite gentes, O Holy Spirit Come To Us

Communio: Non vos relinquamIf Ye Love Me (Tallis) -- SATB

Recessional: Hail The Day That Sees Him Rise (SATB)

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 7: 4th Sunday of Easter

4 PM at the Cathedral.

Introit: Misericordia Domini

KyrieSanctusAgnus Dei (no Gloria): Mass XVII

Credo III

Offertory: Deus, Deus meus; Be Joyful, Mary Heavenly Queen (SMH)

Communio: Ego sum pastor bonus, Panis Angelicus (Palestrina)

Recessional: At The Lamb's High Feast We Sing (SMH)