Sunday, March 12, 2017

More Changes at the Cathedral

Kathy sent the following email yesterday, and Deacon Richard Ramm confirmed it at this afternoon's Mass:
Dear choir family,
I wanted to let you know before you get surprised at Mass tomorrow evening that an announcement is going to be made that the Franciscans are going to be leaving Reno.  There will not be another order of priests coming in, so [St. Thomas Aquinas] cathedral will be run by diocesean priests.  This will be effective June of 2018. [emphasis added]
I will not pretend to know what this portends for Regina Pacis.  What I DO know is that every time I thought we were finished, something has happened and we have been fine, if not even better off.  We will continue to be fine.  It will likely mean some changes for us.  It is in God's hands, as are all things.
But it certainly underscores why we do not settle totally in one place. 
Be at peace.  All will be well.
Deacon Richard added the reason is insufficient numbers of friars to keep the Cathedral properly staffed. He says several friars are in seminary/formation (you can see some of them here), but they won't be ordained for several years. I hate to say it, but that's assuming they do not leave before ordination.

Speaking of the friars at the cathedral, please keep Fr. Tom Hamilton in your prayers, as he is getting eye surgery tomorrow. He has said a few of our Masses, and I suspect this is not his first eye procedure. Sandy and I had the pleasure of talking to him at one of the parish dinners; he has quite a good sense of humor.

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