Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Feb. 19: Sexagesima

At Holy Spirit Mission, 8:30 AM.  Map.
  • Call time is 7:45, but pretend it's 7:30; we must stop rehearsing at 8:00.  
  • Bring Adoremus.
  • Ladies, bring your mantillas.
  • We will receive the Eucharist after Mass.
Processional: Attende Domine
Asperges Me

Introit: Exsurge quare

Kyrie: Haller (Green book, #21)

Gradual: Sciant gentes

Tract: Commovisti Domine

Credo IV (mp3: we can't have III all the time)

Offertory: Perfice gressus meos (Proper, Rossini Motet by the HSM Choir)

Sanctus: Mass XVII

Agnus Dei: Mitterer (Green book, #4 w/ "miserere nobis" ending)

Communio: Latter part of Agnus Dei: Mitterer (Green book, #4 w/ "dona nobis pacem" ending)
Regnum Mundi (Gallus a.k.a. Handl)
Introibo ad altare Dei

Last Gospel: Ave Regina Coelorum

Recessional: Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation

Monday, January 30, 2017

Young People Want Sacred Music

Alas, too many in both the Church hierarchy and the laity have already decided for children and young adults they do not want, need, or deserve sacred music, concluding they need more LifeTeen, Haugen/Haas, and/or "praise and worship" music instead.

But have they ever bothered to ask young people? Here are just a few who have seen the beauty of sacred music and want the mystery, beauty, and eternity that chant and polyphony strive for.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Feb. 12: 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

4 PM at the Cathedral. SMH only this week.

Organ Prelude (out of respect for Jennifer, shhhh!)

Introit: Esto mihi ("me-kee", S/A)

KyrieGloriaSanctusAgnus Dei: Mass VIII

Credo III

Offertory: Benedictus est (T/B), Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (midi)

Communio: Manducaverunt, O Sacrum Convivium (D'Evry)

Recessional: Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation

Saturday, January 28, 2017

I-80 Roadwork Alert

(NDOT photo)

The Nevada Department of Transportation is working this weekend on westbound Interstate 80's major pothole damage from the flooding and snow earlier this month. Today, and almost certainly tomorrow, only one lane of traffic is getting by on westbound 80 from Wells all the way to Robb. Sandy reports this has caused significant delays, so you may want to avoid westbound 80 altogether when coming to the Cathedral tomorrow afternoon. (ETA Sunday, 1/29: It actually looks like they are NOT setting up for that work today, so you should be fine. Watch for potholes just the same; they're all over the metro area.)

There's no word yet on when NDOT will turn to the eastbound lanes.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Jan. 29: 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

(The Mount of Beatitudes Church in Galilee. Source: Wikimedia Commons.)

4 PM at the Cathedral. You get to bring both the SMH AND the Adoremus. Take an Epsom salt bath afterward.

Introit: Laetatur cor

KyrieGloriaSanctusAgnus Dei: Mass VIII

Credo III

Offertory: Bonum est, Jerusalem My Happy Home

Communio: Beati mundo corde, Regnum Mundi (Handl)

Recessional: All Creatures Of Our God And King

P.S. If you see this before our Tuesday, 1/24 rehearsal, don't forget to bring your "green books" if you have them.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Semper Fidelis, Including To Us

What did a Marine Corps general have to do with Regina Pacis Cantorum? Lots.

LTG Martin Brandtner was laid to rest yesterday at the Fernley Veterans Cemetery following an Exaordinary Form Requiem Mass at the Cathedral during which members of RPC sang. But, as Kathy explained, if not for Martin Brandtner, RPC might not be around today.

He was fond of sacred music, and when Kathy found that much of RPC's sheet music had been disposed of, she wasn't sure whether the choir could continue. She reached out to Brandtner, who connected Kathy with Reno's Scholz Family Foundation, where he eventually became executive director. The foundation came through with a $6,000 grant for new and replacement music for the choir (it's not all public domain, you know). That's why to this day, much of the music we use says "Property of Scholz Family Foundation."

Read his obituary here. Most noteworthy about his invaluable service to our country is that he was one of only two men to be awarded two Navy Crosses during the Vietnam War. But he was more than a warrior. Kathy's daughter Marli wrote:

I lost a very special friend who was laid to rest today. To the rest of the world, he was a Lt. General, a Marine, a commander and great leader, but to me, he was more like a father. Our families spent numerous holidays together, and I am so grateful for all those memories. Semper Fidelis, Dad #2. I will love you always.

So we remember LTG Martin Brandtner--commander, brave soul, friend, and our benefactor--with this prayer for deceased veterans:
O God, by whose mercy the faithful departed find rest, look kindly on your departed veterans who gave their lives in the service of their country. Grant that through the passion, death, and resurrection of your Son they may share in the joy of your heavenly kingdom and rejoice in you with your saints forever. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jan. 15: Baptism of the Lord

8 AM at St. Peter Canisius. The snow is supposed to stay away this weekend. Newer members: read here about how, for a time, it snowed every time we sang at SPC. (ETA: Technically speaking, there were flurries that morning.)

Introit: Omnis terra

KyrieGloria (mp3), SanctusAgnus Dei: Mass XI

Offertory: Shout Joyfully To God (sorry, no practice video)

Communion: Jesu Dulcis Memoria (first chant verse, Victoria, other chant verses)

Recessional: Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (SATB) (Adoremus, so you can leave the SMH home and use it as a doorstop...okay, maybe not)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

From The Makers of the Northern Nevada Flood . . . More Flooding

I think Kathy let us out of rehearsal not a moment too soon tonight. A second wave of torrential rains has prompted a Flood Warning in south Reno. The parking lot was its own atmospheric river! You can see the video on our Facebook page.

Stay as dry as you can over the next couple days, and pray for Mark Deutschendorf and his busy coworkers at NWS Reno. I guess we need to watch what we pray for; we just might get it!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Flood Update

(Photo from Arlington Towers, across the street from the Cathedral. Courtesy UNR Seismic Lab via KTVN.)

Looks like, unless things change more dramatically, we WILL be singing at the Cathedral today. As with snowfall, you need to determine what you need to do for your safety and LET KATHY KNOW IF YOU AREN'T COMING (caps intended). (ETA: Also, please resist the temptation to go "check out the river.")

Kathy just sent the following:
I received this from Gwen Linde at the cathedral.

It appears unlikely that 2nd St. will be closed.  First St. certainly is.

Let me assure you that the authorities are all over this and will not allow
you to drive into a risky situation!

If you are coming from south of the river, go down California Ave. and take
Keystone, then turn right onto 2nd St.  There are two parking lots across
from the cathedral.  If the city lot is full, you can use the adjacent UNR
lot.  Since we will be there early, there should be no problem finding

Take your time and be safe.  I-80 is a maze of potholes west of Keystone,
but no other big problems.  I-580 was fine this morning.

What a winter!  Again, be safe.

Pax Christi,

-----Original Message-----
From: Gwen Linde

This is a good page to monitor:
http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=rev&gage=trrn2  It shows
the river level over time, versus flood stages.  The river at Reno (near
downtown) is rising on schedule.  It's forecast now to hit "Moderate
flooding" (not major) downtown, 12.6 ft, at about
8 p.m.  Washoe county
flood simulation maps show that to bring the water over First Street and
perhaps into our parking lot, but just a little bit into the lot.  You can
refresh the web page, or back out and pick other river monitoring spots on
the menu at the bottom left.  It's still forecast to be at major flood level
in Sparks, with flooding of the Industrial area up to 7 feet deep.