Sunday, November 25, 2012

Look Who's In The Reno Gazette-Journal

Our own soprano, Sung Hei Stiebel!  (Well, sopranos usually do "sing hi,", but her name's pronounced "soong hee.")

Are There Problems With Reno-Area Smart Meters?  (A topic on which RPC has no opinion.  RPC members?  Probably, but not the choir itself.)

And here's the pic, credited as an RGJ file photo.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

December 2: First Sunday of Advent

At St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral for 5 PM Mass

Introit: Ad te levavi

(Gloria omitted in Advent)

Credo III

Offertory: Ad te Domine

Sanctus and Agnus Dei: Mass XVII

Memorial Acclamation: Mortem tuam

Pater Noster

Communio: Dominus dabit (antiphon only)

Post-Communion: Conditor Alme Siderum

Recessional:  Savior Of The Nations Come (S, A, T, B)

Unavailable: the Haller Kyrie, the Costa Psalm, and the Gospel Acclamation

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 11: 32nd Sunday In Ordinary Time

At St. Peter Canisius (pictured).

Introit: Intret oratio mea

Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei: all Mass XI ("Orbis Factor")
(Note: On the Kyrie, we'll only be singing each part twice.)

Pater Noster

Communion: Ave Verum Corpus