Thursday, May 16, 2013

June 2: Corpus Christi

At the Cathedral at our old time, 11:30 AM.  This is a biggie, which is why we're devoting the rest of our rehearsals to it exclusively.  Bring water and maybe something to snack on (quietly) after Communion.  Note: The order of music may change.

Prelude: Ave Verum (Peeters)

Introit: Cibavit eos

KyrieGloriaSanctus: Mass VIII

Sequence: Last four verses of Lauda Sion

Profession of Faith I (the one that's chanted on one note)

Offertory: Portas coeli

Agnus Dei: Missa O Quam Gloriosum (Victoria)

Communio: Hoc corpus (antiphon only)

Post-Communion: Domine Non Sum Dignus/Miserere Mei (Victoria)

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: O Salutaris Hostia

Processional: O God Of Loveliness

Re-Entry: Lauda Sion

Tantum Ergo

Divine Praises (Marier)

Closing: Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (S, A, T, B)

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Bring plenty of water on Sunday.  Some forecasts have the temperature as high as 88 that day, great for the Reno River Festival, but not so great for us in the choir loft.  Speaking of the festival, expect parking to be at a premium near the Cathedral on Sunday.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 12: Ascension Thursday Sunday

At the Cathedral, 5 PM.  Also includes the Sacrament of Confirmation by Bishop Calvo, as well as organ accompaniment.

Introit: Viri Galilaei

Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus: Mass VIII

Confirmation: Veni Creator Spiritus (even-numbered verses only)

Offertory: Men of Galilee
Hail The Day That Sees Him Rise (SATB) (same tune as May 5's Christ The Lord Is Risen Today)

Agnus Dei: Monteverdi

Communio: Psallite Domino

Motet: If Ye Love Me (Tallis) -- SATB

Recessional: Alleluia! Sing To Jesus

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Go Forth And Recruit

Sadly, our ranks are about to be depleted with the departure of some dear members, albeit for good reasons.  This will leave the soprano and bass sections especially thin.

Find some friends, relatives, or neighbors who'd like to join us!  You'll never know unless you ask.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Peace Which Passes All Understanding

Please pray for the Reinheimer family in their time of loss.  If you didn't hear after yesterday's Mass, Kathy's brother-in-law--whom some of us met--was found dead in his Chicago home.

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Amen.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 5: 6th Sunday of Easter

At St. Peter Canisius, 8 AM.

Introit: Vocem jucunditatis

Kyrie: Haller

Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei: Mass I

Offertory: Come Ye Faithful Raise The Strain

Communion: If Ye Love Me (Tallis) -- S, A, T, B

Closing: Christ The Lord Is Risen Today -- S, A, T, B  (Thanks, Choirparts!)