Sunday, March 5, 2017

Meanwhile at the Vatican...

Pope Francis, while observing the 50th anniversary of the conciliar (and Vatican II) document Musicam sacram:
“Certainly,” said Pope Francis, “the encounter with modernity and the introduction of [vernacular] tongues into the Liturgy stirred up many problems: of musical languages, forms and genres.”
The Holy [F]ather went on to say, “Sometimes a certain mediocrity, superficiality and banality have prevailed, to the detriment of the beauty and intensity of liturgical celebrations.” 
The Pope encouraged the various actors in the field of liturgical music – from composers, conductors, musicians and choristers, to liturgical animators – to do their best to contribute to the renewal of sacred music and liturgical chant, especially as far as the quality of sacred music is concerned. [emphasis added]
We can only hope and pray this call will not be dismissed as so many other Church documents dealing with sacred music have been.

(Source, Vatican Radio, HT: Corpus Christi Watershed. Photo of the Sistine Chapel Choir from Vatican Radio also.)

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