Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More Kudos

Father Thomas Babu called us "totally awesome" after our Mass at St. Michael's in Stead last Saturday, and other parishioners gave us similar praise in response to our first visit to the parish. Conversely, we appreciated not only Fr. Babu mentioning RPC in his homily (a possible first) but coming to us before Mass and praying over us, concluding with the Hail Mary. Wow! I think that helped quite a bit after, to say the least, a rough pre-Mass rehearsal. It was a little awkward facing away from the altar and the congregation to sing, but no one seemed to mind.

Another nice touch to Mass was Fr. Babu leading the congregation in the Anima Christi after Communion. Too bad we didn't have Calvert Shenk's Anima Christi ready to sing! As with Immaculate Conception, we hope our visit to St. Michael's was the first of many.

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