Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Well, That Didn't Take Long: The Red Mass

RPC has been asked to sing for the annual Red Mass for lawyers and judges at St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral. This will be quite an honor: Bishop Calvo will say the Mass, and Governor (and former Nevada Supreme Court Justice) Brian Sandoval is expected to attend, along with other current justices and others in the legal profession. The date hasn't been set, but it's expected to be a Thursday in late April or early May (UPDATE: it's confirmed for 6 PM on Thursday, April 30; call time, 5:15 PM). Kathy says "all hands on deck" for this one.

Here is Bishop Calvo's homily from last year's Red Mass (PDF file). You can also listen to it here, following the Gospel reading from said Mass.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Plenty Of Prep Time for Holy Thursday

You've probably noticed we don't have anything (official) on the schedule for January, February, or March, a consequence of Fr. Francisco's departure. Here's hoping we have to add a few Masses eventually. As Kathy said this past Tuesday, at least we get a chance to woodshed thoroughly the April 2 Holy Thursday Lord's Supper Mass at Holy Spirit Mission instead of throwing it together at the last minute.

Here are the Holy Thursday pieces I have (final order TBD):

Introit: Nos autem (Multiple verses)

KyrieGloria (mp3 only), SanctusAgnus Dei (miserere nobis last time): Mass IV

Gradual: Christus factus est

Antiphons for the Washing of the Feet:
  • Mandatum novum do vobis
  • Postquam surrexit Dominus
  • Dominus Jesus
  • Domine, tu mihi lavas pedes
  • Si ego Dominus
  • In hoc cognoscent omnes
  • Maneant in vobis
  • Ubi caritas
can all be found here.

Offertory Proper: Dextera Domini

Communion: Dominus Jesus

Psalm 22 (Dominus regit)
Psalm 71 (Deus, judicium)
Psalm 103 (Benedic, anima mea)
Psalm 150 (Laudate Dominum)

Transfer of the Blessed Sacrament: Pange lingua

Stripping of altar: Psalm 21 (Diviserunt sibi) (alternate verses between cantors and all)
(Useless Fact: The publisher of Miserere Mei, Domine is CanticaNOVA based in Charles Town, West Virginia. Nice to know that Charles Town has something else going for it besides its Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races, which Sandy and I visited several times while living in Central Maryland when it was still called Charles Town Races and Slots. Ehhhh, what would they know about casinos, anyway?)