Sunday, June 15, 2014

What You Should Be Keeping After Next Sunday

After next Sunday (Jun. 22), you should be hanging onto:
  • Adoremus Hymnal
  • Liber Cantualis
  • Asperges Me/Vidi Aquam
  • Gospel Acclamations for Sundays of the Year I
  • Repleatur
  • Any instruction sheets on Gregorian chant
  • Solfege sheet
  • Latin pronunciation sheet

And only if you have them:

  • St. Gregory Hymnal
  • The "Green Book" (Chormusik der Caecilianer)
  • Gloria Patri tones (if you don't have them, they're here)
  • Memorial Acclamation
  • Chants of the Roman Missal booklet
All else should be turned in in alphabetical (hymn/motet) or numeric (Psalm) order, EXCEPT any schedules or personally-made copies of any music; do Kathy a favor and discard those yourself. If you still have any propers, make sure the correct Communio sheets are inside.

Kathy also says if you'd like to get your own music back, write your name in pencil at the top of each piece of music; that goes for all season long. Otherwise, save Kathy some extra work again by erasing any marks in your music.

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