Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jun. 22: Corpus Christi

4 PM at the Cathedral. Last Mass of the season, but we'll have all summer to rest up from it. Maybe it's just me, but with this being Nevada, wouldn't a procession led by a heavy-duty pickup truck be something?

Bring water and maybe a snack for the duration of the procession.

Prelude: Domine, Non Sum Dignus/Miserere Mei

Introit: Cibavit eos

Gloria: Mass XI (Orbis Factor)

Gradual: Oculi omnium

Alleluia: Caro mea (they don't, but we repeat the Alleluia after the intonation)

Sequence: Last part of Lauda Sion (start at 4:59, Ecce panis Angelorum)

Offertory: Sacerdotes Domini (proper; MP3 only)
Sacerdotes Domini (Haller motet)

Communio: Quotiescumque (MP3 only)
Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart)

Processional: O God Of Loveliness

(break for the procession)

Re-Entry: Lauda Sion (all)

Tantum Ergo (start at 1:56)

Closing: Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (SATB)

Unless Kathy sends other sound files, I don't have anything for the Marxer-Rossini Missa Brevis or the Werner O Salutaris Hostia.

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