Thursday, June 5, 2014

We're Disrobing. Really.

This might be a first for an official RPC Mass, although I'm sure someone who has been around longer will correct me. From Kathy (emphasis mine):
In looking at the weather forecast, I see the high for Sunday is scheduled in the mid-90s.  Since the church will have been closed all afternoon with no a/c running, I think it will be too hot to have robes on in the choir loft.  I don't want anyone getting sick due to having the robe on.  I'll ask to have the a/c turned on as soon as someone shows up who has access to it, but the loft will still be pretty warm.

Please be aware that you are representing Regina Pacis and people know who we are.  Please dress in a dignified manner.  No jeans or T-shirts please!
No word on whether we'll sing "Shall We Gather At The River?" afterward.

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