Monday, June 23, 2014

Have A Great Summer

It wouldn't be a Regina Pacis Cantorum season without challenges, right? We certainly had our share, especially in the realm of health. It seemed like no one was immune; Kathy had to lead on through her crud around Christmas, I was KO'd for most of January and February, and even Sandy got a cold to miss our Corpus Christi finale.

A big THANK YOU goes out to all of our new members! Some of you joined us following the successful chant workshop we had in September, while others came aboard as the year went on. I hope you all felt welcome and learned a thing or two about the wonderful world of chant.

Thank you also to all the pastors who allowed us the privilege of singing in their sanctuaries: Fr. Francisco Nahoe, Fr. Larry Morrison, Fr. Norman King, Fr. Guillermo Arias, and Fr. Loy Torente. We're always open to singing in other parishes if they will have us.

One more thank you goes out to Kathy and tenor Rob Bateman. It's way too easy to take for granted how they displayed their incomparable voices in chanting Gradual and Offertory verses; those pieces required extra preparation beyond the usual song load. Bravissimo!

We also said goodbye to some of our most cherished singers: Shirley Beasley, Sarah Beasley, Patty Dickens, her mom Helen, and her sister-in-law Renee. Your impact on RPC will long be remembered.

Kathy is now heading off to the Sacred Music Colloquium in Indianapolis, as well as to see relatives in Indiana whom she hasn't seen in as many as 50 years. When she gets back, she will be the proud owner of this Nevada license plate, thanks to your generosity:

Enjoy the summer, and we'll see you in the fall. Meanwhile, keep an eye and ear out for any sopranos and basses who would be great additions to our numbers. Not that we'll turn away any prospective altos or tenors!

Benedicamus Domino...Deo gratias!

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