Sunday, June 4, 2017

All Right, Hand It In

It's music turn-in time! Recall that Kathy gave you a manila envelope earlier this year; she distinctly asked you to keep it to facilitate turning your music in. If you don't have it, please get another one. Last year, she had us all put the leftover music in a box; to say the least, that didn't go very well. She wound up having to toss many sheets. Ergo, do not submit ANY loose sheets.

Please erase any pencil marks you make on each of these pieces of music unless you want Kathy to give you back the same copy next year or in a future year; in that case, put your name on the front of each piece in pencil.

Things To Turn In (Most Of Which Probably Should Have Been Turned In Sometime Over The Past Nine Months)
  • Other Gospel Acclamation sheets besides SotY I
  • Psalms in numerical order
  • Propers (with the corresponding Communio inside)
  • Holy Thursday or Easter Sunday booklets
  • Hymns or motets in alphabetical order
Note: Do NOT turn in any music that will be used for Corpus Christi until then, June 18.

Things NOT To Turn In (That Is, You Keep Them)
  • Adoremus
  • St. Michael's Hymnal
  • Parish Book of Chant
  • Liber Cantualis
  • St. Gregory Hymnal*
  • Chormisik der Caecilianer* (the "green book")
  • Chants of the Roman Missal* (English)
  • Sheet music of:
    • Asperges Me/Vidi Aquam
    • The eight Gloria Patri tones*
    • Gospel Acclamations, Sundays of the Year I
    • Memorial Acclamation*
    • Repleatur
  • Tutorial sheets on:
  • Any personal copies of any music (throw away/recycle; please don't confuse Kathy)
  • Any schedule printouts (likewise)
*If you have it; not everyone does.

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