Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Or Would He Play For The Sacramento Fracto Demum?

(Photo: nba.com)

A brief and humorous tangent into sports:

In a result that delighted many in our area, the Golden State Warriors just captured their second NBA title in three years over the Cleveland Cavaliers, who won the other one last year. As a result, many sports pundits are talking about whether the Cavaliers might retool themselves like the Warriors did last year, luring all-star Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder. (The satirical Eye Of The Tiber has a funny related story here.)

While Cleveland's LeBron "King" James gets most of the limelight in Cleveland, his point guard has been essential to the team's success, namely, Kyrie Irving (above). That's right, "Kyrie." But he pronounces it "Ki-ree," not "Kee-ree-eh." It's not likely he would become expendable, but with a name like "Kyrie," how could we refuse him in our bass section?

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