Monday, February 6, 2017

Meanwhile in Yonkers...

Although it's not a full-fledged colloquium coming up in Yonkers, NY a la the ones held in the summer by the CMAA, the Gregorian Chant in Pastoral Ministry and Religious Education National Conference could be just as important, if not more so. As Mallory Nygard of the Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Teaching and forming young Catholics to appreciate truth and beauty in Catholic liturgical music, especially Gregorian chant, will be the focus of a conference next month for Catholic educators, campus ministers, musicians, parents and others devoted to forming the next generation. 
“Our hope is that people will be inspired by the beautiful liturgies of the conference, as well as by presentations and discussions with others about what they can do to build programs and structures which support musical excellence,” said conference director Jennifer Donelson, associate professor and director of sacred music at St. Joseph’s Seminary (Dunwoodie) in Yonkers, New York. 
“We also hope that those attending will see the important role that musical beauty can play in the formation of Catholic identity, catechetical formation, and outreach to the fallen-away and ‘unchurched,’” she said. “The organizers and presenters have a firm conviction that the Church’s teachings and heritage of sacred music are crucial for drawing hearts and minds to Christ, and that the musical formation the Church has to offer plays an enormously positive role in the spiritual life.”
If you can get there, it's not all that expensive, only $75 for both Friday, March 10 and Saturday, March 11, although food and lodging are extra.

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