Monday, May 30, 2016

Is This Our Penance?

If so, it is coming in two parts.

Part I: The choir loft was quite hot yesterday; Kathy says it's because the Cathedral's air conditioning unit is being replaced. She adds the new one should be in place before the June 18 wedding. I certainly hope so, because not only will we be sweating [1], so will the bridal party and celebrant!

Part II: Thought you were done with your cinder block St. Michael Hymnal for the year? Not quite; you'll need it for these rehearsals and the wedding. Bring a block and tackle if necessary to get it up to the loft.

[1] This is a good place for a reminder of the RPC dress code. Unless Kathy expressly says otherwise, bring and wear your robe each Mass.

  • Robes are to be clean and not wrinkled.
  • Only light, pastel colors are to be worn under the robe. Absolutely NO dark colors (other than the next item on the list) or prints, plaids, or stripes.
  • Black slacks are preferred for men. If you don't have black, navy blue is the next best thing, followed by charcoal, brown, and (as a last resort) grey.
  • Ladies, if you are wearing slacks or a long skirt, "black is the color" for this also.
  • Black shoes, please.
  • No flashy jewelry please.
  • Please do not wear any scent to choir.
  • Music is to be IN PROGRAM ORDER in a black binder.

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