Monday, January 4, 2016

Tombe la Neige, Encore

El Nino is bringing us more snow for tomorrow. I know Kathy will not want to cancel this rehearsal, especially with four consecutive Sundays of singing coming up. If we don't rehearse tomorrow night, we'd be looking at this Sunday's music for the first time just before Sunday's Mass at St. Peter Canisius. That, or we (possibly) cram into her house on some other night/day this week. Still, you never know how bad the roads will be.

So, to reiterate again: [1]

  • Use your discretion in getting to rehearsal.
  • Tell Kathy ASAP by phone or email if you are planning not to attend because of the weather.
  • Kathy will notify us of any cancellation by email to those who have it, and by phone to those who don't.
[1] By order of the RPC Department of Redundancy Department, next door to the Snow Panic Office in the RPC Tower.

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