Friday, January 8, 2016

The Calendar, Mismarked Music, and Very Little Notice

Quick notes, as it were, from Tuesday:

  • A couple of calendar updates: We will be singing on SATURDAY, February 6 at St. Michael's in Stead. (I know, "instead of what?" Instead of not singing that weekend, I guess.) We've also been asked to sing at a wedding at the Cathedral on SATURDAY, June 18.
  • Facepalm Department: Kathy said she had to destroy a Liber Cantualis because some choir member had the brilliant idea of marking it INK. Don't. Do. That. There is simply no reason for an ink pen to be anywhere near any music in this choir; use pencils. The sanity you save may be Kathy's.
  • Finally, the reason for the above image: Kathy wants you to check your calendars against ours (above and to the right) and please, please, PLEASE tell her AS SOON AS YOU KNOW you cannot make a rehearsal and/or Mass. It affects the music she chooses and how she arranges the seating. Telling her at a Tuesday rehearsal you won't be there this coming Sunday is not helpful when you knew this weeks before. If you just found out yourself, that's different. (In case you were wondering, no, you don't have to submit a leave request form. Yet.)
  • Oh, and I almost forgot: If you don't want to fumble for the ordinaries in your Liber Cantualis or deal with the inopportune page turns therein, you may print them in easier-to-read PDF sheets from this site. Just scroll down to where it says "Ordinary of the Mass." At worst, you'll have maybe one page turn for the Gloria or Credo. I've printed Masses I, IV, VIII, XI, XVII, and XVIII, along with Credos I and III. Corpus Christi Watershed has PDFs that put each piece onto a single sheet, but the type is smaller.

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