Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SATURDAY, Feb. 6: 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

SATURDAY at St. Michael's, Stead, 4:45 PM. Map: take the Stead Blvd. exit from Hwy. 395.

It's the second time in three weeks where we will be debuting at a parish, not counting the Eucharistic and Marian Conferences at Immaculate Conception. The lineup of songs should look familiar; it's similar to what we sang at IC.

Introit: Venite adoremus

Kyrie: Mass XI

Gloria: Missa Lauda Sion

Offertory: Render Secure My Footsteps

SanctusAgnus Dei: Mass XVIII

Communion: Introibo ad altare Dei, Ave Verum Corpus (Josquin)

Recessional: Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (SATB) (Adoremus)

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