Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Sherlock Holmes Motet

We're now singing a different post-Communio motet next Sunday, and we have exactly one rehearsal to make it work. There's quite a backstory, however.

Kathy's husband Bob is a fan of the British series Sherlock Holmes (the 1984-1994 series starring the late Jeremy Brett; not to be confused with the current BBC Sherlock series or the CBS show Elementary). On one of the episodes was a setting of Libera Me that struck a chord (as it were) with both Kathy and Bob. They scanned the credits and found the composer's name was Patrick Gowers, a prolific composer who wrote not only that piece but all the music for the show.

Gowers may be prolific, but Kathy had the hardest time locating the sheet music for Libera Me, and it seemed it would not arrive in time for the All Souls' Day Mass. I'll spare some of the details; Kathy will relate them better anyway. The music finally arrived from the UK on Friday.

Kathy has sent a sound file to at least some members, but asked me not to post it because of copyright issues. In lieu (not Liu) of that, I'll link to this clip from Amazon.

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