Saturday, March 29, 2014

St. Peter Canisius Freezes Over?

We sing at St. Peter Canisius in Sun Valley two to four times a year, including tomorrow morning. So why does it seem that every time we do so, it snows or has just snowed? There's a chance of snow in the foothills tonight, and Sun Valley is at a higher elevation. Is this a regular coincidence, or is it like the mythical "rule of threes" when famous people die?

I think that, for this season, it's been remarkable how Reno and Sparks have gotten virtually no snow during winter itself, but had snowstorms before winter started and after it ended. Considering our water situation, I'll take any snow we can get, especially in the mountains.

Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with the fine people of SPC and their pastor, Fr. Guillermo Arias. It's a privilege to sing for them.

  • It did indeed snow, although there was no accumulation in the immediate Reno-Sparks area.
  • The folks at SPC have also noted how it seems to snow every time we come.
  • We appreciate how they included a prayer for us and the health of our members in the Prayer of the Faithful.
  • My wife Sandy has suggested we sing at SPC more often so that we can put a dent in our drought with the snowfall.
  • SPC was so grateful to have JP DeChambeau's mother visit, they had her help distribute the song sheets for today's Mass. This was the first time she'd heard him or us.
  • Anyone want to make a new website for SPC? The one they had is gone, so I removed it from the list at left.

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