Sunday, January 8, 2017

Flood Update

(Photo from Arlington Towers, across the street from the Cathedral. Courtesy UNR Seismic Lab via KTVN.)

Looks like, unless things change more dramatically, we WILL be singing at the Cathedral today. As with snowfall, you need to determine what you need to do for your safety and LET KATHY KNOW IF YOU AREN'T COMING (caps intended). (ETA: Also, please resist the temptation to go "check out the river.")

Kathy just sent the following:
I received this from Gwen Linde at the cathedral.

It appears unlikely that 2nd St. will be closed.  First St. certainly is.

Let me assure you that the authorities are all over this and will not allow
you to drive into a risky situation!

If you are coming from south of the river, go down California Ave. and take
Keystone, then turn right onto 2nd St.  There are two parking lots across
from the cathedral.  If the city lot is full, you can use the adjacent UNR
lot.  Since we will be there early, there should be no problem finding

Take your time and be safe.  I-80 is a maze of potholes west of Keystone,
but no other big problems.  I-580 was fine this morning.

What a winter!  Again, be safe.

Pax Christi,

-----Original Message-----
From: Gwen Linde

This is a good page to monitor:  It shows
the river level over time, versus flood stages.  The river at Reno (near
downtown) is rising on schedule.  It's forecast now to hit "Moderate
flooding" (not major) downtown, 12.6 ft, at about
8 p.m.  Washoe county
flood simulation maps show that to bring the water over First Street and
perhaps into our parking lot, but just a little bit into the lot.  You can
refresh the web page, or back out and pick other river monitoring spots on
the menu at the bottom left.  It's still forecast to be at major flood level
in Sparks, with flooding of the Industrial area up to 7 feet deep.

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