Sunday, November 6, 2016

"About Half"

Alabama coaching legend Paul "Bear" Bryant is said to have answered a reporter who asked him in preseason how many players he had on his roster, "About half." Sometimes that's the answer I want to give when I'm asked how many singers are in Regina Pacis Cantorum.

So far this season we have been hit with quite a few unexcused absences. I guess this bears (as it were) repeating, but Kathy needs to know when you are not going to be at a rehearsal or a Mass, and she needs to know as soon as YOU know. She understands that Life Happens, but she still has a choir to run and plan for. Call or email her!

And not just this choir, as Phyllis Young points out:
Kathy is the director of FOUR choirs:
  • Two Mission choirs - Regular Sundays (small group), and a larger group that sings High Mass once a month;
  • First Friday choir; and 
  • RPC.
This involves:
  • programming the music, which needs to match the correct Sunday;
  • gathering and printing the music;
  • printing the schedules with choir member names;
  • putting the music packets together; and
  • contacting churches to schedule our singing. [And more.]
All of this takes time and energy. Please help her by emailing her AS SOON as you know your schedule conflicts, esp. if it is an important service, i.e. Christmas, Easter, [or Corpus Christi.]
Remember, Kathy does NOT have an administrative assistant, although I'm sure she'd accept some volunteer help!

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