Friday, November 13, 2015

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!...After Mass, That Is

Within a week we will have had two major snowstorms come through northern Nevada. The first, which came last Sunday, brought sorely-needed water to the Sierras and blanketed portions of the valleys with as much as 15 inches of snow. By the way, winter doesn't begin for five more weeks.

The second storm is supposed to come sometime this Sunday, which is when we are singing at Holy Spirit Mission. Fortunately, we will be there in the morning as opposed to our usual late afternoons at the Cathedral. If what NWS Reno (hi Mark) says is accurate, we'll have to deal with wind when commuting to and from HSM, with the snow arriving later.

Regarding this Sunday, Kathy sends the following:
First of all, your safety is most important.  Conditions vary widely within the area.  Members reside from Cold Spring to Washoe Valley, from Verdi to Spanish Springs and Hidden Valley.  There can be a lot of snow in one place and little to nothing in another.  Driving abilities also vary.
It is unlikely that I would cancel Holy Spirit this Sunday, unless there is a really major snow event.  Holy Spirit provides virtually all of the financial support for Regina Pacis and we do very little in return...
You are responsible for your own safety.  If you are experienced at driving in winter conditions, that is one thing.  If you are from an area which does not have winter driving, that is something else.  Only you can determine the conditions in which you can safely drive.
If you feel you are not going to be able to be at Holy Spirit on Sunday, please send an e-mail [; do not call.]...
Above all, please be safe.  May Our Lord and Our Lady bless and keep you.
Or, like Sergeant Esterhaus on Hill Street Blues used to say, "Hey--let's be careful out there."

ETA: While it was sunny and slightly breezy when we arrived, we got out of there just in time as the winds whipped up (making for a tough drive on the new section of I-580) and the snow was coming over the ridge.

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