Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Extra Innings

(Hey, it's baseball postseason time....)

Sometimes, Kathy asks for help from specific choir members for Masses and services that are not part of the RPC schedule, and hence not official RPC "events." At other times, she asks for volunteers for these occasions. Coming up on Monday, November 2, is an opportunity for the latter.

Fr. Paul Fazio will be saying an Extraordinary Form High Mass for the Feast of All Souls at 6:30 PM at the Cathedral, so Kathy says she can use anyone who is available. Please email her if you can sing. We will also be singing there as RPC at the All Saints' Day 5 PM Mass the day before.
ETA: After RPC rehearsal preseason chant class on Tuesday, September 19, 2012, Kristin Rosenqvist, Mark Deutschendorf, Sandy, and I went to dinner at Tamarack Junction's sports bar. The Baltimore Orioles-Seattle Mariners game, being played at Seattle's Safeco Field, was on TV. And on...and on... and on, for 18 innings. It didn't end until around 1 AM PDT; I followed it after we came home. Above is a photo of the final scoreboard. 
A former radio boss of mine drove into work for his normal morning shift at that time and was astounded to hear the postgame show on his Pennsylvania station. I joked via Twitter that when the game started, the Orioles were playing the Seattle Pilots and Bill Gates was using 5 1/4" floppy disks,

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