Sunday, October 4, 2015

Binders Full Of Music

What, you can't put music in your binder this quickly?
(Link and video courtesy of Corpus Christi Watershed, which can always use your support.)

Fortunately, Kathy doesn't collate the binders, most of the time. She does for certain occasions.
She only has to choose the music.
And order it, if necessary.
And sort it.
And drive to Office Depot to copy it.
And arrange it for and/or email it to each member.
And bring it to rehearsal.
And have extra copies for the forgetful and neglectful [1].
And collect it (as appropriate) after each Mass or service.
And file it.
And store it someplace, which used to be her daughter's garage on the other side of town.

Of course, she works as quickly as the above link shows, so it's no problem at all. :-)

As a reminder, if you need holders for the propers in your binder, check this post.

[1] Not that I've ever been that.

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