Thursday, June 4, 2015

God Bless You, Fr. Timothy

Yet another honor for us in Regina Pacis Cantorum as we get to sing for newly ordained Fr. Timothy O'Brien, FSSP. Tonight's Solemn High Mass for Corpus Christi at Holy Spirit Mission turned out to be his Second Mass, as evidenced by the card above that he handed out as he was giving blessings afterward. Still, to be part of a new priest's early ministry is something we don't get to do every day. (ETA: I have since learned a newly ordained priest can have more than one First Mass in each different church.)

Fr. Timothy will also say the Solemn High Mass tomorrow night at the Cathedral at which an unaffiliated group of us will be singing and our old friend Fr. Francisco Nahoe will serve as deacon. According to this link, Fr. Timothy will then be saying Masses at missions all over California, including San Juan Capistrano.

From the other card Fr. Timothy distributed:
For the sake of Jesus, Your Son, bestow grace on the priests and uphold them. Do not let them fall into temptation and tarnish their noble vocation. 
--Ignatius Cardinal Kung Pin-Mei

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