Friday, April 11, 2014

More Prayers Please

First, for bass JP DeChambeau. In his own words from Facebook today:
Going to St. Mary's for my heart again. My heart starting skipping beats badly at work and I almost passed out twice. 
[Later] At least my heart has calmed down... Now it's hurry up and wait [That's when he took the above picture]
[Later] FINALLY saw a doctor after an almost four hour wait. They will do blood work and give me a prescription for more heart meds. Hopefully I can rest tmrw [Saturday]
[A friend asks] Atrial fib?
[JP replies] I have had super ventricular tachycardia for years. This episode was a bit... Different.
[Later still] So everything checks out for now. They gave me a slightly different medicine and are sending me on my way tonight. What a fantastic experience..... Not
Speaking of basses under the weather, Kathy tells me one reason we haven't seen much of Andon Major Dansie is that he has been quite sick, so he can also be added to the (way too long) RPC prayer list.

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