Sunday, April 6, 2014

He's A Poet, And the RNR Knows It

Congratulations to bass Tim Rhodes, whose following poem was one of only 12 published in the Reno News and Review's recent poetry contest!

This is the Last Day of the First of Your Life
By Timothy Michael Rhodes 
There is no end, there is no beginning
toaster waffles bury the city of angles
missionaries assume the position
fork you, fork me
they wield their steely blades
we defend with plastic spoons
we are the beating heart of the beast
the hands, the feet
and if we fail, break down,
who needs necromancy
replacements are plentiful
and cheap
“Out of my way”
the Great White Sale has begun
from the hills of Afghanistan
where blood red poppies soothe our souls
through the rest of the world
who cares how much blood is spilled
as long as black ink
continues to flow
to the bottom line?
New Madrid & San Andreas
cry out “It’s not my fault”
no, not theirs but ours,
yours, mine, we are the king makers
who look the other way
wrapped up in the latest from
the evil empire
what hungry children you have
the better to cloud your vision with
what stupid children you have
the better for cannon fodder
we’ll leave no child behind
what a large military/industrial complex you have
the better to crush you all to dust
dust to throw into our eyes
dust that must be cleaned up
by underpaid imported wage-slaves
eating frozen waffles
and preaching the gospel of capitalism
demonic voices in the city of angles where
there is no beginning, there is no end
Tim has regularly supplied RPC members with his Urban Hermit calendar, filled with his poetry.

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