Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thu., Apr. 17: Holy Thursday

Updated 4/2

At Holy Spirit Mission, 5:45 PM. We may not sing all of the antiphons.
Ladies, bring your mantillas.

Introit: Nos autem (Multiple verses)

KyrieGloria (mp3 only), SanctusAgnus Dei (miserere nobis last time): Mass IV

Gradual: Christus factus est

Antiphons for the Washing of the Feet:
  • Mandatum novum do vobis
  • Postquam surrexit Dominus
  • Dominus Jesus
  • Domine, tu mihi lavas pedes
  • Si ego Dominus
  • In hoc cognoscent omnes
  • Maneant in vobis
  • Ubi caritas
can all be found here.

Offertory Proper: Dextera Domini

Offertory Motet: Christus factus est (Ebner, Green Book)

Communion: Dominus Jesus
Psalm 22 (Dominus regit)
Psalm 71 (Deus, judicium)
Psalm 103 (Benedic, anima mea)
Psalm 150 (Laudate Dominum)

Transfer of the Blessed Sacrament: Pange lingua

Stripping of altar: Psalm 21 (Diviserunt sibi) (alternate verses between cantors and all)


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