Sunday, March 10, 2013

How To End Up In Kathy's Doghouse

Kathy, our director, is a kind, patient, and classy soul, but even she has her limits.  If you really want to get under her skin, here's how:
  1. Don't show up for rehearsal or Mass without telling her.
  2. Tell her you can't show up for rehearsal or Mass just beforehand when you knew days or even weeks ago you wouldn't be there.
  3. Come to Mass without your music in order.
  4. Don't review the music between rehearsals or before coming to Mass.
  5. Come late to rehearsal or call time without a good reason.
  6. Tell her she never gave you that piece of music . . . when she did.
  7. Anticipate the "s" at the end of a phrase.
  8. Use the American "r", such as in "Glorrrrrrrria".
  9. Get louder atop a podatus.
  10. Double the note on a salicus.
Did I miss any?

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