Sunday, April 30, 2017

Today at St. Mary In The Mountains: A Photo Essay

We had the honor of singing before a comparatively small congregation at St. Mary in the Mountains Church in Virginia City, the first time RPC has sung there. One reason why it was a small congregation (although it wasn't as small as the photo implies, taken before rehearsal started):

We were accompanied by dozens of off-road motorcycles for the Virginia City Grand Prix. (Photo: KTVN.) Truth be told, the sound they made was no worse than the sirens, buses, and motorcycles we hear when singing at the Cathedral.
Kudos to Jennifer for figuring out how to make the aging and out-of-tune organ not sound like someone just scored a goal at a hockey game.
There was plastic sheeting all over the choir loft because of leaks in the roof. Remember, for a time there was no choir loft after the "mad monks" tore it out in a fit of iconoclasm in the late 1950s.
At the end of Mass, a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary renewed their vows. Congratulations!

Other photos:
Bass Mark Deutschendorf, fresh from his 5K Downtown River Run earlier that morning, snapped this nice exterior shot of St. Mary's.
Alto Phyllis Young added this picture of the stained-glass windows adorning the stairway from the choir loft.

Thank you for having us, Fr. Anton Sommer, and we hope you'll bring us back someday! (Maybe when the motorcycle races aren't going on...)

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