Friday, October 21, 2016

Meanwhile in Toronto...

Canada is not exactly a hotbed of Catholicism of any variety these days, much less Gregorian chant. But in Toronto, at least one parish is experiencing a renaissance through chant.

In the search for the Voice of God, some believe Gregorian chants are preferable to folk music (National Post)

A few quotes:
"Going to [M]ass should be more profound and of a greater depth than what you experience day to day.” 
He is trying to explain to the roughly 12 singers — all amateurs — that there was a problem during the last [M]ass. “You were not praying effectively,” he tells them. It is a reminder that chant is prayer, not music in the ordinary sense. 
“There are people out there who want to hear this, but they are not being given a chance. This will be the music we will hear in heaven.” 

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