Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Up In The Air

How's this for a coincidence? One of bass Mark Deutschendorf's many hobbies is riding roller coasters, including (shown here) "The Legend" at Holiday World, Indiana which he visited last month, among others. Mark says he had to drive five hours back to St. Louis to catch his Southwest flight home to Reno.

Well, guess who was taking the same flight? Yep, Kathy Reinheimer, on her way back from the Sacred Music Colloquium in St. Louis! All those in favor of sending Mark to the colloquium and Kathy to the roller coasters next summer, please comment!

Mark told this to me and former bass JP DeChambeau at a recent Reno Aces game that featured leadoff hitter Jack Reinheimer. No relation to Kathy, as far as we know.

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