Monday, July 20, 2015

More About The Norcia Monks' Chant Album

Followup to this post. Some tidbits from this Religion News Service article:

  • The album Benedicta debuted at number one on the Billboard classical charts.
  • The record label co-founder says one reason the Norcia monks sound so good is that their average age is 33.
  • The reporter writes, "Interest in Christianity continues to decline, according to the latest surveys. So it seems especially paradoxical that an album showcasing the Catholic Church’s most traditional form of liturgical prayer would generate such interest." I think it's more unsurprising than "paradoxical"; chant is resonating with the young and with those who think they want Haugen-Haas and P&W music at their Masses, but know deep down it doesn't provide the transcendent aspect of worship that chant does. A liturgy without mystery is not a liturgy.
Watch and listen for yourself to this record-label produced video about the Norcia monks. 

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