Saturday, May 16, 2015

Crescendo-ing To A Big Finish

Remember how uncrowded our schedule was back in January? Well, it's gotten packed to finish out our season, and I will reflect these changes in the calendar.

We're in the midst of an unusual stretch for us, singing at five Masses in the span of less than five weeks. Three of these Masses are on successive Sundays, and the last two are on consecutive nights: Thursday, June 4 for the traditional celebration of Corpus Christi [1] at Holy Spirit Mission; and Friday, June 5 for the First Friday Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart at the Cathedral (don't forget to print out your music for this Mass if you are able).

All this is requiring extra rehearsals for those of us who are participating, but, as Kathy told me, you then have the whole summer to rest up.

[1] No, Catholics, you still have to go to Mass on Sunday, June 1st also.

ETA: Actually, the Sacred Heart Mass is for those members who can, or were asked to, participate, but it is not/not an official RPC activity. Thanks to Kristin and Kathy for pointing that out. You see, I never miss a thing...except when I do.

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