Thursday, September 5, 2013

For Those Attending The Chant Workshops

The first of the four is this Saturday, September 7 at 1:30 PM in what is now the charter school building behind St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral, W. 2nd and N. Arlington Sts., Room 306 307.

PLEASE. DO. NOT. BE. LATE.  Arrive at 1 or 1:15 if you have to. This isn't a social etiquette request; rather, it's because the building needs to be kept secure and the outside doors will be locked once the class starts (cf. Matthew 25: 1-13). If you know you'll have to be late, please arrange to call someone to let you in. Thanks for helping us out with this important logistic.

Kathy says we have nearly 30 people registered, which is a great number. See you there!

P.S. If you arrive early enough, check out the Cathedral Senior Ministry's rummage sale at the white tent on 606 W. 5th St.

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